What are the best practices for Disruptive Technologies-Driven Public Services?

DISTINCT shares a series of recommendations to those public sector organisations seeking to introduce disruptive technologies in their services provision.


The DISTINCT partnership presents the ‘Best Practices Recommendations for Disruptive Technologies-Driven Public Services’ report. In line with the work done in the project, the best practices refer to Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies and their application into health and social care, environmental management, and education and training.

A total of 6 recommendations are suggested as follows:

  1. Awareness Raising About the Existing Expertise and its Potential Application
  2. Closer Collaboration Between Universities, Research Centres, Companies, Public Sector and Community
  3. Skills Provision
  4. Early Adopters / Local Champions
  5. Revision of Digital Strategies that take into account the Potential of Disruptive Technologies
  6. Make Aware and Open Up Existing Testbeds and Labs for Disruptive Technologies


Find here the whole report.