Outputs and Results

DISTINCT aims to produce discrete outputs to overcome blocks and challenges, i.e.:

  • Use technology foresight techniques and structured engagement with public sector and research/innovation workers to estimate demand and identify applications, models and solutions;
  • Deploy demonstrators and develop disruptive technology rollout roadmaps to build awareness, confidence and implementation knowledge in distinct public sector areas (environment, health/social care and training);
  • Document existing disruptive technology centres of capacity and best practice options to improve innovation and diffusion.

These will contribute positively to increase awareness of the and openness to new approaches to providing and using public services that will meet future demands in remote and sparsely populated areas. This positive contribution is achieved through the project’s outputs:


Foresight Analysis report

This document will increase awareness among public authorities by discovering applications and estimating potential demand of how particular disruptive technologies can be applied to particular public services in remote and sparsely populated areas. Find it here! 


NPA Disruptive Technologies Capacity Evaluation report

This document will reinforce the awareness and openness by quantifying and disseminating the research and innovation centres and resources available in the NPA that can assist public authorities to implement new approaches – using disruptive technologies – to public service provision. Check it!


Disruptive Technologies Demonstration Workshops / Webinars

These events will not only communicate the previous two outputs (Foresight Analysis and NPA Capacity Evaluation), but by direct engagement with service practitioners and demonstration of practical application of disruptive technology, will further deepen awareness and openness among public service providers.


Good Practice Recommendations + Implementation Roadmaps

Recommendations on best practices will provide guidance on how available disruptive technology research and innovation capacity from across the NPA can be deployed at local, regional and transnational level.

On the other hand, the roadmaps will contain specific steps, services, timelines and stakeholders setting out how the 3 participant regions intend to implement disruptive technologies in their new service plans.

By delivering these two practical tools that can be used across the NPA area, the project can have a step-change impact by helping public authorities from awareness to implementation.