Use of Disruptive Technologies in health and social care

DISTINCT partners raise awareness on existing health and social care services to take advantage of the application of VR, IoT and AI.

You can access the session recording here.

Hosted by Karelia University of Applied Sciences, DISTINCT project partners have organised the second of the series of the DISTINCT Disruptive Tuesdays, that focus on the application of disruptive technologies - Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). On this occasion, the theme addressed in this workshop has been the 'Use of Disruptive Technologies in the provision of health and social care services'.

Three speakers, Mr. Stephen Seawright, WiSAR Lab Gateway Manager (Ireland), Mr. Anders Lundström, Associate Professor at Umeå University and Mr. Samuel Kivikari, Gillie.AI Head of Sales (Sweden) have shared some good practices to show the potential that disruptive technologies have in this field.

WiSAR Lab Head of Business Development, Mr. Stephen Seawright, has presented three real examples of IoT applications in health and social care: Data glove, Pressure monitoring and Exoskeleton Rehabilitation projects. Afterwards, Umea University's Associated Professor Mr. Anders Lundström has explained the benefits of 360-degree videos for Virtual Reality exposure in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for panic disorder with agoraphobia and, also, for the users of the nursing homes. Finally, Gillie.AI Head of Sales has mentioned the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in early detection and to provide preventive care in home care and nursing homes.

Through these series of workshops, DISTINCT partners aim to raise awareness about existing health and social care services taking advantage of the application of disruptive technologies. The online sessions bring the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the main challenges to overcome and to integrate these solutions in public sector organisations.


Stay tuned! The next and final DISTINCT Disruptive Tuesday will be held on the 25th of January 2022 to explore disruptive technologies in education and training environment.