Use of Disruptive Technologies in education & training

DISTINCT partners showcase practical applications of disruptive technologies such as VR, IoT and AI in education and training for their improvement.

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Last Tuesday, January 25th, the third and last workshop of the series of 'DISTINCT Disruptive Tuesdays' took place. The event focused on the application of Disruptive Technologies - Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - in the education and training sectors, what role they can play for improving these fields.

Three main speakers shared their good practices as examples, Mr. Alan Whiteside, Community Lead for Healthcare at Edify; Mr. Ulf Hedestig, Senior Lecturer at informatics department at Umeå University (Sweden); and, Dr. Lukasz Porwol, E-government unit Leader, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Community leader, Mr Alan Whiteside, presented Edify, a digital learning platform that combines gaming tech, virtual reality and user generated content to enable accessible, immersive and engaging educational experiences. Through this platform users can build their own content without the need for coding, specialist tools or knowledge and deliver it to their audience. Following him, Mr. Ulf Hedestig, shared how IoT has been implemented in their classrooms, sensors were placed with the purpose of communicating information and improving the educational environment. Finally, Dr. Lukasz Porwol tackles the question of how VR & AI can revolutionize education and communication, then proceeds to reveal some practical examples.

These series of workshops have revealed how existing technology is revolutionizing the public sectors, and in this last one we can see how the education and training field are benefiting from the application of these disruptive technologies. Through the Disruptive Tuesday online sessions, we have been able to discuss and reflect on the main challenges to overcome and to integrate solutions in public sector organisations and they have given a lot of insight.