DISTINCT presented during European Week of Regions and Cities

Over 40 participants across Europe learnt about the approach of DISTINCT to assist rural public service providers.

DISTINCT project lead partner, the ERNACT network, has hosted a virtual workshop during the European Week of Regions and Cities to discuss about ‘Disruptive Digital Technology & Cohesion Policy’.

Over 40 participants across Europe got the opportunity to learn from the invited five key speakers and discover the DISTINCT project. Afterwards, they could also share their visions and opinion on the role and use of the disruptive technologies.

Jose Manuel San Emeterio, DISTINCT Project Leader, spoke about the potential of disruptive technologies for public services provision in rural areas. He presented the role of disruptive technologies with some examples from other Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded projects (EMERGREEN and ARCTIC PACER) and he brought into the spotlight our recently launched DISTINCT project.