DISTINCT Disruptive Tuesdays! Session 1

Date Location Organiser
16 Nov 2021 From Västerbotten (online) Umeå University

Don't miss this online session, on the 16th of November, to explore the use of Disruptive Technologies in environmental management.


This online workshop, the first of the series of the DISTINCT Disruptive Tuesdays, focuses on the application and benefits of disruptive technologies - Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - in environmental management, to:

  • Raise awareness about existing environmental services taking advantage of the application of disruptive technologies.
  • Discuss and reflect on the main challenges to overcome to integrate these solutions in public sector organisations.
  • Identify next steps and cooperation opportunities for an increased adoption of these solutions by public sector.

The session is targeted to responsibles of public service provision. Several examples will be showcased providing attendees with a better idea of the role that these technologies can play for improved environmental management services.

Please check the agenda and feel free to register!